Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

"Merry Christmas" --  It's a standard greeting among Christians this time of year.  I'm not a believer in being politically correct -- I tell everyone Merry Christmas.  It's a heartfelt greeting from me to you.  I would certainly not be offended by a greeting of your religion.  I would warmly accept it and thank you.

We exchange not only greetings with our friends and family, but gifts as well.  We share God's greatest gift of all -- He sent Jesus into the world.  We exchange gifts with one another in recognition of Jesus' birth.  God's love is endless - and so is the wrapping paper on the floor after our gift exchanges.

My family, like many others has grown to the point that we have multiple family celebrations and many directions to go during the holidays.  It's often difficult to manage, but somehow we find a way.  Most of us were at my sister's home in Jefferson City, MO to celebrate.  Poor Kim, she cleaned her house (and it looked great when we all got there) just so we could totally destroy it with wrapping paper, fingerprints, bedding and suitcases.  She was certainly a good sport about it!  We have become quite a large group when we're together.  It was a great time for everyone.  Thank you, Kim and Tim for letting us invade your normally quiet home.

We traveled home tonight.  I have to say we were ready to be home.  Everyone was tired.  But . . . our hearts were full of love.  Being with family recharges us.  We are reminded of the things that are really important in life.  What is more important than spending time with the "House That Built Me"?  I know, that's a country song; but think about it.  When we spend time with our family members, no matter where we are, we are spending time in the house that built us.  We are reminded of the parts of our childhood that made us  the people we are today.

I love my family -- we're a neurotic bunch, but we're great!  I challenge any family to have more laughter in a room than we find.  We are a hugely opinionated bunch -- and we often disagree, but love conquers opinions.  We have fun at one another's expense, but in the end we stick together.  Blood is indeed thicker than water.  Family comes first.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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