Monday, May 13, 2013

Emma's in France - What an Experience

I admit that I was apprehensive about Emma and Matt leaving the country, but they are having a wonderful time in France.  Emma sent a few pictures today.  They are staying in a little town about 5 hours outside of Paris.  I got quite a kick out of the picture of the beds in their room -- there were two twin size beds - she says one is actually smaller than a twin and is called a single.  I asked her if they pushed them together and she said they tried, but they are on wheels and they keep rolling apart.  Ah . . . sweet, romantic memories for the two of them.

They are trying foods they wouldn't normally eat and finding out they really like them.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the two of them.

The plated food was dinner for them Monday night.  The pretty gate was in front of a residence.

They have cooking classes each morning and then scheduled tours each afternoon.  They have a few hours of free time too on a couple of days.

I love that Emma has this chance to travel to France, but I will be breathing a little easier when we pick them up at the airport next Saturday.

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