Monday, March 22, 2010

My Weekend Shopping Experience

As many of you know, I love the Dierbergs shopping experience!  Shopping at Dierbergs is head and shoulders above the shopping experience at any other supermarket.  They have the best produce and the best meat.  The stores are clean and bright and the aisles are wide.  The employees are friendly and they will always offer to help you to your car.  You just don't find that anywhere else.  And . . . until last weekend, I thought Dierbergs charged higher prices for these premium options.

I actually went to Walmart to use a handful of "buy one, get one free" coupons on Saturday after I'd been to Dierbergs.  I don't usually shop at Walmart.  (Side note:  I saved $39.00 with my coupons and wound up spending only $202.00)  There were items I decided not to buy at Dierbergs because I assumed I'd find them cheaper at Walmart.  Wow, was I wrong!  Those items were actually more expensive at Walmart.  Gerber's Sweet Potato Puffs were $2.44 instead of $2.19.  Same thing with the Gerber's 'Li'l Crunchers'.  Moving on to Campbell's Soup.  Cream of Mushroom was $1.00/can at Walmart and $.92/can at Dierbergs.  There were several cuts of meats, as well as frozen shrimp that I compared.  Walmart was alway higher.  Walmart's days of being a less expensive alternative for groceries in the Fenton area are over.  Don't let them trick  you into thinking you're saving money.  Their produce is awful!  It is never fresh - it always looks days old.  Dierbergs pricing is always higher than Schnucks or Shop 'N Save.  Who ever thought Dierbergs would be less expensive than other grocery chains.

Can you even remember the last time someone at Walmart asked if you needed help to your car?

Hmmm!  Where do you want to shop?

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