Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Night TV

I just love Tuesday night TV.  My evening started with American Idol. Those who know me know I'm an Idol junkie.  My guess is after tonight's performances, Katie and Paige are headed home.  Crystal knocked it out of the park again.  She's definitely my favorite.  Tomorrow night we'll hear from the guys.

Glee was back tonight.  I just love that show!  I recognize so many of the personalities on the show from my own high school days.  I was a show choir kid - and we were pretty good.  Shout out to Winola High School.

When 9:00 rolls around, I'm off to Food Network for Chopped.  These poor chefs have to create a dish from secret ingredients in a basket. There is an appetizer round, an entree round and a dessert round; and a new basket of ingredients for each round.  Most weeks there are some really unusual ingredients - lots I haven't even heard of.  I usually get at least one new menu idea from the show.

Part of the items from Katy's party arrived today. There is still one package on the way and a couple of items backordered.  It's been a long wait for this shipment, but apparently there were many, many orders submitted on Feb 28th.  To those of you who ordered, you should have your items within the next day or so.   Thanks again for your orders.

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