Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What An Interesting Day

Today, I took my daughter to visit the Culinary Institute of St. Louis.  She is a senior in high school and hopes to one day have her own cake shop.  She is very artistic and she likes to cook, so I'm sure she'll do well.

What a beautiful school we saw today.  It's all new - the first group of students started in July.  The building is shiny and new.  The floors and wall sparkled and the classrooms were so nicely decorated.  They have five kitchens, and they are fabulous.  All stainless steel, every appliance you can imagine, and everything in its place.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I wanna go!!!  All of their courses are culinary related - culinary math, culinary marketing, culinary writing . . . After 20 months, students graduate with an Associates Degree with culinary emphasis.

All was great . . . right up to the part where they started talking tuition.  Yikes!  It's more than most 4-year degree programs at other universities.


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