Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do You Have to Pack Lunch for a Loved One?

Eating a packed lunch has never been my idea of yummy, but here are a few ideas I found from Jamie Oliver that I think will make packed lunches lots more fun!

Decorate a Ziploc bag with stickers and fill it with lettuce and veggies.  Add a small container of salad dressing to the bag and then have the bag shaken to mix the salad right at the table.

Freeze a fruit juice box (not from concentrate) to act as a "lunch box fridge".  It will help keep food cold while it sits until lunch time.  By lunch, the drink should be like a slushy.

I hate a soggy sandwich, but here's an idea.  Spread butter edge to edge to "waterproof" the bread before adding the meat and fillings.  Use a funny cookie cutter to shape the sandwich.

Who wouldn't want to each such a creative lunch?  These are quick and easy ideas - give them a try.

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