Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birds, Birds Everywhere!

Tuesday after work I made the first batch of hummingbird food and filled all of our feeders and hung them on all three decks.  Yesterday I had my first hummingbird show up to feed at one of our many hummingbird feeders.  They usually show up the first week of May. If you haven't discovered the joys of watching hummingbirds, you should.  It's so easy and they are so entertaining!  We have been hanging feeders on our front, side, and back decks for probably 10 years now. and even though I can't prove it, I think we have 4 - 5 pairs of humming birds that come back to nest in our trees and feed at our feeders year after year.  I just love them!  They buzz our heads when we sit out on the deck, or when we BBQ.  They are small, but fearless.

If you need some outdoor entertainment, buy yourself a couple of hummingbird feeders and hummingbird food.  It's sold in nectar packets (or you can make your own out of sugar and water - I buy the packets).  These are fascinating birds.  If you place feeders on your property, they will come.  If it's your first time, add extra sugar to your solution and they will find you.  

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