Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This time of year I always seem to become reflective.  I like to look back on the year and its events and I like to look back at my life in general.

I grew up in a small farm town in the Midwest where everyone knew not only your name, but every single detail of your life.  During my teen years, I couldn't find a way out of that town fast enough.  Now, looking back, small town life had lots to offer.  I chose to raise my family in suburbia.  My husband and I bought a house 30 years ago in a tree-lined neighborhood of Fenton, MO (the city of trees) and raised our children.  Fenton is about 20 miles west of St. Louis.  It's just far enough out of the city to have quiet neighborhoods with large one-acre lots, but close enough to make use of the amenities the city has to offer -- the Zoo, Science Center, sporting events (who doesn't love the Cardinals?) (does anybody still love the Rams?), shopping, and work opportunities.

Thanks to Facebook, I've reconnected with lots of people from my high school days.  Some of these people I've chosen to stay in touch with, others I almost forgot about, but am happy to visit with again.  All of our lives have taken different paths.  I love to hear about their lives and share details of my own.  It's funny how after years of no communication at all some of our friendships pick up right where they left off while others keep a distance.  I'm thankful this year for my many friends -- Facebook friends and others -- you are a touch stone in my life.  I love sharing pictures and stories with you.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friends!

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