Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu 2012

It's taken me a bit longer to finish up plans for this year's Thanksgiving dinner than usual.  But . . . most of the menu is now in place.

Turkey - I have a 20 lb turkey and plan to stuff it with ordinary stuffing.  I know they tell you not to do that because it may not cook thoroughly, but if you use a Reynolds cooking bag and cook your turkey for about 10 minutes per pound (approximately 3 1/2 hours for a 20 lb turkey) it should be cooked to temp.  Use a cooking thermometer to check the temp of your stuffing.  It should be at least 165 degrees before it is served.  To prep the turkey, I'll remove the package of giblets and use them to prepare the turkey stock - see Gravy - A Healthier Version post.  I'll make a seasoned butter of one stick of butter, 1 Tbsp Poultry Seasoning, 1 tsp Kosher salt, and 1/2 tsp black pepper.  The seasoned butter should be rubbed on the skin of the turkey, under the skin of the turkey, and inside the cavity of the turkey.  Season your bird all over with the seasoned butter.

Check for prior year's blog posts for the following recipes that I'll be serving for our dinner:
Use the search box at the top, left corner of the screen to type the search name.

Stuffing - My Favorite
Gravy - A Healthier Version
Jell-O Magic Mousse (ours will be orange and lemon)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Pecan Crunch
Mashed Sweet Potatoes (the only kind Luke will eat)
Mashed Potatoes
Thanksgiving - Cranberry Pear Apple Chutney
Green Bean Casserole
Pecan Pie
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Pudding Pie

I asked for input from all family members, and these are the recipes they've asked for.  This is a classic menu.  It looks just like last year, and the year before.  I think we have a menu that will last for years and years.

Feel free to use the recipes and modify them to make them your own.

Sending the best of holiday wishes to your home from ours.

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