Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grandchildren Are Blessings

 Eddie and I are so fortunate.  Pictured above are grandson, Christian who is 2 1/2, grandson Liam is 7 months, and granddaughter Elisa was born just a week and a half ago.  They are truly bright spots in our lives.

Today, my mom and my sister's family came for a quick visit and had the opportunity to see just how much energy can be created in one room by three small children.  I have a feeling that the energy meter will only continue to go up from here.  It was great to spend time with Mom, Kim and family.  We went to Paul and Katy's so they could see Baby Elisa.  She is such a dainty little girl, so sweet and so content.

It's such fun to play with the kids!  I sure do go to bed tired after I spend a day with any of them.  I ask you, can you possibly have a bad day when you come home after work and hear a 2-year-old scream "Bammy" with brightest smile plastered across his face?  Or see the big smile of a 7-month old when he sees you're home?  There just simply isn't anything better than knowing they love you.

I'm looking forward to lots of quality time with Baby Elisa too.  She's still a little young for her crazy Grammy to get her all wound up.  It won't be long though.  Once Katy goes back to work, Eddie will be watching all three of them during the day.  I think Papa's gonna get a work out!  I can't wait to see our own little Mickey Mouse Club in action.

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