Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oreo Turkeys - Guaranteed to Be A Hit

These are so cute and so easy to make.  Your small guests will love them, and maybe even your grown up ones.

Oreo cookies
Hershey's Kisses
Candy corn
Red hot candies
Chocolate frosting

Lay an Oreo cookie flat.  Use chocolate frosting to glue a Hershey's kiss to the top front portion of the cookie.  Use the frosting to glue a red hot to the top front of the Hershey's Kiss (to look like the gobbler).  Then, use the chocolate frosting to glue four candy corns to the back of the cookie (the wide yellow part of the candy corn should be at the back).

Last year, I delegated the assembly of these to Emma.  She had a blast putting them together.  Honestly, they were almost too cute to eat.

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  1. Thanks for this great idea! These are so cute. I am going to try to make the turkey onto of cupcakes for my son's preschool class.