Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two of My Favorite Guys

Grandson Christian and nephew Joshua are two of my favorite guys.


Christian is almost 18 months old, and what a total joy he is.  He has a beaming smile and loves to show off his teeth.  He loves to give kisses, sing and dance.  A guy after my own heart.  He and Grammy "go crazy" quite often.  (God help me if anyone manages to catch our song and dance on video!)  This little guy doesn't do anything halfway.  I do love him.


Joshua is three and absolutely full of questions.  He is a total delight.  Every topic of conversation winds up with 20 more questions.  Usually beginning with "Why".   Three year olds are such fun. Joshua will make a good big brother.  That day is quickly approaching.  His little sister is due to arrive in late February.

Our family Christmas is sure to be awesome this year with these two at the center of attention!  

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