Sunday, January 10, 2010

Call Me Lazy!

I couldn't believe it when I sat down at the computer tonight.  I haven't posted anything since last Monday!  That's terrible.  I'll get back to the normal routine this week.  We've been busy dismantling Christmas.  At our house, that's a job.  There are lights and decorations in every room of the house, upstairs and down.  Right now, the kitchen and dining room are full of storage tubs that have been packed and re-labeled.  Now, they just need to be carried to the basement or shed.  We still have the miles of lights and garland to remove from the ceilings of  the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms.  That, in itself, will take several more hours.

Every year I ask myself, "Is it really all worth it?"  Yes, it is.  Just seeing the wide eyes of every child that walks into our house at Christmas time once the lights are plugged in makes it more than worth it.  It really is an experience to see "PaPa's lights".  Just last week, we had a now 20-year old young man stop by unannounced.  He grew up in the neighborhood and spent lots of time at our house as a youngster.  He said he always loved coming to our house to see the tree and lights when he was young.  Eddie and I were both very touched!  You never know who is affected by the things you choose to do.

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