Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Just Love The Dierbergs Shopping Experience

I've said this again and again, shopping at Dierbergs is not like shopping at any other grocery store in the area.  The stores are clean and bright.  The aisles are wide.  The produce is fresh and it just looks so good.  The meat looks wonderful too.  There is a large variety of items - I can find things at Dierbergs that I just can't find at other grocery stores.  The employees are great too.  They are always friendly and very professional.  The whole shopping experience is many steps above shopping anywhere else.  It doesn't hurt that my daughter works there.  But, I loved it even before she started working there.

If you're a cook who uses lots of produce, it's definitely worth the extra money to check out Dierbergs.  It's certainly worth the trip.  I think you'll be sold like me.

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