Monday, October 12, 2009

Beethoven & Belle Get Their Halloween Costumes

We have two pretty spoiled "babies" in our house - Beethoven and Belle - two Chihuahuas who are both about a year old.  To say they are part of the family is an understatement.  They may be spoiled, but we love them and they bring lots of laughter and joy to our home.  

Tonight I took Emma to buy a Halloween costume for her upcoming Halloween night at the high school.  While there I saw costumes for dogs and just simply couldn't resist.

Beethoven is a bumble bee and Belle is a fairy.  Neither one is very happy!  I couldn't get any kisses for at least two hours after we put the costumes away.  Who knew they would hold a grudge???

Here they are on a normal day.  Just two happy puppies enjoying a sunny fall day.

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  1. Karan:

    They are truly too cute...especially with their costumes....on....I know Jake wouldn't like that either....but enjoy them....they look adorable...gwen