Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do you like to save money?

I can't tell you how much money I save by using coupons.  It takes some discipline and a system, but anybody can do it.  

First, you have to find the coupons.  I suggest signing up on websites of brands you buy and stores you shop.  You'll receive coupons by e-mail and announcements of specials in the days to come.    Buy a Sunday paper and you'll find lots of coupons almost every week.  Get yourself a file box with about 25 dividers.  Label your dividers by category - Dairy, Meat, Prepared Foods, Veggies, Fruit, Salad, etc. . .  Every Sunday night I cut out the current week's coupons while watching Iron Chef on Food Network (of course).  Then, I sort through the entire box and throw away the expired coupons before I file the new coupons.

Second, study the store ads (department and grocery stores).  Get the most for your money by using coupons to buy items when they are on sale.  I like to get multiple copies of the same coupon and then stock up on items when they are on sale.  To tell you the truth, if you really pay attention and use the "Register Rewards" at the grocery stores and at Walgreens, you may never pay for things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap again.  You'll be surprised at how quickly your savings will add up.

Third, watch for rebates.  I take the time to buy the required items, save the required proof of purchase seals,  and then mail in the items required.  I usually use coupons to purchase the items when they are on sale, and then send in the rebate requirements.  Often, I wind up making money on rebates.

Be smart - do your homework - SAVE MONEY!

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