Monday, October 5, 2009

I Saved Myself A Bundle

I have been looking for a new dining room set forever, and haven't been able to find one that I like that will fit in the space we have (oh, and one we can afford).  Finally, after looking in store after store, I decided to buy a quart of black epoxy paint and paint my Windsor chairs and the legs of my oblong table.  We always keep a table cloth on the table, so I didn't see a reason to paint the top.  What a transformation!  It looks fantastic!

Eddie and I spent Sunday afternoon painting while listening to the Rams game.  Ugh!  What a bad day to be a Rams fan!  I got black paint all over my Rams T-shirt, hair, hands and face.  I had streaks across my face and looked like I had cat whiskers.  Ordinarily, I"d say, "no big deal", but I found out when I tried to wash it off, IT DIDN'T WASH OFF!  Thank God, I didn't have to work on Monday.  I scrubbed and scrubbed my skin until it was red and irritated.  I even tried nail polish remover.  No luck.  I wasn't about to try mineral spirits or gasoline (both were suggested).  Fortunately, after my shower this morning, most of the black paint is gone.

I took a vacation day today with plans to get my yard and house ready for winter.  All I really got done was playing with Christian, my grandson.  I can't resist his handsome smile and his chatter.  I love it when he talks to me.  He didn't even make fun of my cat whiskers (most of which were gone by the end of the day).

I can't wait to have you see the transformation of the dining room!  What a difference a quart of paint can make.

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