Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Luke is 18!

How hard is that to believe?  Our little 4 1/2 lb preemie baby boy is officially an adult.  It hardly seems possible. He was such a cute little guy.  He's still cute, just not so little.

Just after dinner we let the dogs outside for a little bit.  They were barking like crazy and we just couldn't figure out why.  There were a couple of young ladies decorating our truck with balloons and painting "Happy Birthday Luke" on the windows.  I'm sure he is gonna love that!

We are very proud of Luke.  He does well in school and he's an awesome volleyball player.  I'm getting anxious for volleyball to start again.  He is usually pretty responsible, and, on occasion, he's nice to his sister.  What more can we ask for?  Luke also likes to spend time with his older brother working out.  He recently started a new job, and that keeps him very busy.  He got his first paycheck yesterday, so he's feeling pretty wealthy.

Happy Birthday Luke!

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