Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally had to move the plants inside - It's cold outside!

Luke and Eddie had some heavy lifting to do this weekend.  Old Man Cold Weather arrived a little early this year, so what's left of my plants had to move back indoors.  Several years ago we had so many plants there was little room to live in our house all winter.  We've pared that down significantly.  Winter indoors is more tolerable, but our outdoor living areas are not nearly as lush.  It's probably a fair trade off, but I have to admit.  I miss all the green.  

I checked all plants carefully, sprayed them with insecticidal soap, and cleaned each pot.  Some years ago we accidentally moved a hidden tree frog in with the plants.  We spent two weeks trying to figure out where the strange unidentifiable noise was coming from.  We really thought there was a bird chirping in the living room once the lights were turned off and everything was quiet.  Once the lights were on and we were in the living room all was quiet.  Imagine our surprise when one day we saw a cream colored frog on the side of a pot.  Mystery solved.  

Message to all -- check your plants and pots well before moving them inside after a summer outside.  You never know what could be hiding in them.

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